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Why WhatsApp Puts Me Off

While I was on the bus, I realised that a lot of people were busy typing out on their phones. I took a peek at the people around me and saw that almost everyone was using WhatsApp. The world loves the green-speaking bubble! I have to admit I’m not one of them. I would rather say, ‘I find WhatsApp very ANNOYING. While this could be an understatement, its intoxicating beep every minute and the mostly irresistibly brainless messages just puts me off.

Recently a friend of mine disowned me for not being part of their WhatsApp group. Facebook connected with friends with whom I’d lost touch 15-20 years ago – of course there are some we have never met or might never meet as well, but it was more sensible. But with Whatsapp, we need to be in touch with people everyday, every minute, all the time without really any need, want or desire – just for the heck of it! It makes us forget that people we did not want, were not there because of a reason. Period!

While I’m not on an anti-WhatsApp mission, these are just personal thoughts, I know for many, it is out of necessity or social pressure than a choice! Or else they will be ‘disowned’ by a couple of their friends as I said earlier. But end of day, WhatsApp is just another technology. As another friend has rightly put, “No worries, we’ll all grow out of it…and soon!”


Into That Heaven Of Freedom…

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

Into that heaven of freedom… let our hopes remain


The sun was almost kissing the horizon, but the daylight lingered around. I could see the tip of the concave gold plate emitting its last crimson rays of light. Slowly it cast an orange haze over the horizon, as if lighting the sky above in a ring of flames.

The colour of the setting sun on the green grass created ripples of magic. The warmth leap out to me and instilled peace in my heart as I watched the brilliant fireball glowing in the distance, just like the light at the end of a gloomy tunnel.

It was the kind of light, which glowed with a promise, a reassurance that it would return the next day with greater hope.

Let that hope remain close to our hearts… today and always!

Happy Independence Day!


How Independent is Independence?

How Independent is Independence?

This Independence day let us by all means salute the freedom that India attained after an enormous struggle and bloodshed.  And while doing so, let us also salute the infinitely greater freedom that lies within us so that we can act upon it and make the country a much better place to live in.

Few Relations In Earth Never Die a.k.a FRIEND

It’s sincere. It’s open. It’s nonjudgmental!

It’s sincere. It’s open. It’s nonjudgmental!

Two strangers crossing paths – who at one point didn’t mean a thing to each other, would one day become an essential part of one another’s lives. That’s how most friendships happen. With some friendships, it is even hard to believe it’s been that long since we actually did start off as strangers.

When we meet anyone for the first time, be it at a dinner party, at work or at the coffee shop, we have no idea if he or she will be that someone we will later call one of our dearest friends. We won’t know if that friendship will outlast the hurtles of time and distance and that thirty years from now we will recall that brief conversation with that stranger that magically changed the way we viewed the world.

The interesting thing about strangers is we never really know just what kind of impact they’ll have in our lives – good or bad, short-term or long-term, romantic or platonic. With some it’s almost as if we’ve known each other forever. Or maybe it’s more like we don’t need to spend that extra five minutes explaining why this or that happened because they already get it. There’s this fundamental click with those who are destined to be our friends. It’s sincere. It’s open. It’s nonjudgmental.

I believe, every person we meet or come across in our life has a purpose. Those who make us go through hell are just as necessary as those who help us open doors we never knew existed or we weren’t strong enough to open just on our own. Some people, just by being there, give us the confidence that ‘everything is going to be okay’, and fill a gap in our lives. It’s really a strange phenomenon, much like an adventure sport – exciting and daring but help us boost our spirit!

Few Relations In Earth Never Die (FRIEND) – A tribute to friendship, to all my wonderful friends – ON FRIENDSHIP DAY!