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My Diet Critics

My eating habit has been a relentless topic of discussion among my friends, family and co-workers. It’s quite interesting to get mixed reactions from the crowd – shows how much they care for you! I’ve been questioned, scrutinized, appreciated (once in a while) and often criticized for my “out-of-the-lunch box” eating habits. Strangely, I never felt my diet is significantly bizarre though I tried figuring out what makes people talk about it incessantly. Just for fun!

Love the veggies and fruits

Love the veggies and fruits

While trying to introspect my diet  critics, I discovered that their thought pattern can be compartmentalized in three broad categories.

The first group believes I do not eat for the simple reason that I love dieting – to grow slimmer and prettier with age. I don’t know what gives them the impression that I starve! They often think I regularly skip breakfast and refrain from eating my daily meals. They are also those bunch of people who believe that I may not continue to survive and sustain and should not choose the path of self destruction.

The second group believes that I eat less because I fancy dieting and the food I eat are less in terms of quantity and are not nourishing enough. Most of the people in this group believe I should increase my non-vegetarian intake and not be obsessed with fruits or just green veggies. They often attribute my low appetite to workaholism. They make me feel very important. “Oh yah, she leads a super busy life you see!” they often regret.

The third and the final group – people who know me well believe I do have a low appetite, but I relish certain dishes and do not throw up a fuss like my contemporaries.

I too often find myself going out to nice restaurants and coffee shops and occasionally end up eating like a princess. Yes, I’m proud to say, I am fond of clean green veggies and love to fill up my fruit bowl. How does it matter anyways?

for all my critics and well wishers – logically, I appreciate food – if it suits my taste, appetite and budget. And I’m happy about it!


“Let Go…” The Metaphor

What do you let go of
Your grief? Your angst?
Something that you thought was yours?
I always wanted to find this out
Every time after I say “let go…”
I tried to find its metaphor

So, what is the metaphor of letting go?
Acceptance? Surrender? Or just a sigh
But aren’t these metaphors of failure?
No do not be so obvious
For the freedom of letting go
gives a sense of relief…some ecstasy!

Often wondered in the darkest of nights
letting go is just for the frail-hearted
If metaphor meant “literal”
Letting go would mean saying “good bye”
Saying it with style… and what awaits
Is a new dawn!

The Change Agents

The other day as I was watching this Hollywood film “Forces of Nature”, I came across a wonderful saying by the film protagonist: “Sometimes the people we meet change us forever.” To be honest, I didn’t find the film anything extraordinary but this one dialogue in the film just made me think, leaving a certain feeling within me. I don’t know how many of you can relate to this piece, but I feel I need to share this bit with you all.

with every obstacle in my life came a blessing...

with every obstacle in my life came a blessing…

I believe there are some people who are destined to walk into our lives and they play a role in changing us. We do not know all of them since ages, it may be just a year, or even lesser say, a few months or days, or just a one time affair, but they manage to play a special role in our lives. Of course the ones that we know and develop longer relationships will eventually change us more. But those, whom we are destined to meet, not only change us, but also teach us a lot that we may or may not know about ourselves.

As I was growing up, I wanted to believe that every relationship or friendship should be like a fairytale. In the process I’d run into several obstacles and this is when I met Reality. However, with every obstacle in my life came a blessing, sometimes they are a Godsend. Some people I was destined to meet came to me like a redeemer – stood by me as a friend, philosopher and guide, and brought me from darkness to light. No matter who the person(s) is and no matter what the circumstances are, he or she did impact my life in some way.

A friend of mine, who’s also a philosopher of sort, was telling me the other day that life is too short to be wasted in petty things, so show gratitude to all the change agents in your life. It doesn’t cost anything, but makes living worthwhile. She told me thank each one for being a part of your life – whether you were destined to meet the person for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Get deeper into this and what she said makes a whole lot of sense. And I am doing exactly that…

Some of you, who are reading this blog right now, actually deserve a special thanks and I guess they know who they are… so, thank you for being a part of my life. I would never, ever be the person I am today without you whether you are meant to come into my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime!