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Rising Above The World!

There’s something still exhilarating after many flights, when I look outside the airplane window. I believe that’s the best time to reflect on my life: where I’ve been and where this journey would take me, I mean not just this trip, but on my whole life journey… the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows, the certainties and surprises – quite a few of those. Then, things in my control and other things way out of my control, it’s a time to see through everything.

Being above the whole world

Being above the whole world

Flying is one of those out of control times … that’s for sure. You step aboard and throw your life quite literally in the hands of a stranger. You turn your phone off, automatically removing yourself from what has become your daily way of life. Hence the best time to reflect I believe.

I’m reminded of a celebrity who once said flying alone always led to an urge to cry. I’m relieved it’s not just me who feels that way. Looking around the plane though I’m not sure that my fellow passengers felt that way – maybe like me they too were hiding their emotions.

While returning home from a recent business trip, I was lucky to have a seat on the window side of the plane opposite the sun, on the clouds below. Suddenly, I could see the plane’s shadow surrounded by shimmering rings of colour. The rings resembled a little corona like you sometimes see around the moon at night. It was then that I saw the plane breaking through a lower cloud deck into sunlight. And then I had a rainbow moment after sometime. It was Oh So Fantastic! It was as if the plane was flying through the rainbow!

It’s an invigorating feeling about being above the whole entire world, looking down and wondering what’s’ going on below. I wish in our daily lives, we really had a place to calm down and be out of touch with reality for a while – to disconnect, to refresh and to introspect – without any interruption. After all, you can’t board a plane and rise above the world everyday!