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I’m a Believer

This is not a piece about prophecies and spiritualism. I write it in big and bold because what comes to mind when we utter the word “believer” is sermons and prayers, which I agree are legitimate expressions of a believer. But I am deviating a bit from this. Believing, to me, is having faith in something that inspires me and gives me strength.

To me, a life that lacks faith is lifeless to say the least. There was a time in my life I stopped having faith in everything… And began to tread on a path of darkness and negativity. But after a while I realised that “No, I can’t let my life go rock bottom. I need to live.”

So I started to have faith all over again. I started believing in ME. ofcourse, I didn’t pound my chest in front of everyone. It came from deep within. It is that feeling that gives you the thrust to move on in life, try harder, learn more and realise your dreams end of day.

Life has taught me that if I don’t believe in myself, nobody else will. It starts with ME! I utter these three words every night before I go to sleep “I believe in ME”.

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. And so, I am a believer!


The Modern Fairytale

Cinderella exists even in this day! Don’t laugh when I’m saying this. If you think she’s part of a modern fairytale, you may be right. So, what is it about the modern Cinderella? She’s just like one of us: crazy girl next door, an optimist and a rebel in her own way. She lives for tomorrow with a pulse on the present. She loves the smell of old books and the coffee brew and treasures the sound of raindrops falling on the rooftop – like many of us would do. Oh yes, and like most of her contemporaries, the modern Cinderella earns her own living, supports her family, feels happy when her dear ones are… but all said and done, she still doesn’t earn the brownie points she deserves (She’s Cinderella after all!).

cinderella does exist

cinderella does exist

… and just like the eternal Cinderella of the classic fairytale, whose life was all about tragedy and triumph, life is not a bed of roses for the modern Cinderella either. It’s the story of her struggle and hardship. But this Cinderella does not hope that a fairy godmother would liberate her from all the life’s problems with her magic wand. She believes in finding an alternative when faced with tough circumstances.

No ripples are big enough to stop her from chasing her dreams. She reaches out in search of her dreams – all by herself, not knowing where the dreamland lies. So, she climbs several mountains and follows many a streams to find the twilight realms of her dreams. Sometimes she happens to traverse the dreamline. She could see dreams float like bubbles – in different directions… She could see through them, and see bright colours, but when she finally wants to touch one, they disappear! But each time she finds a dream, she cherishes every bit of it. It gives her a new meaning to life!

With this new found happiness, she starts singing … all her favourite songs which she stopped for years. She laughs and laughs and spreads the joy to all those who matter. It all feels like magic. Ecstasy!

The prince of the story? You may ask. Of course, he’s very much there. How can Cinderella be complete without her man? So, will she find eternal happiness with him? Shhhh!!! No more questions. Sit quietly for a while, and feel the pulse of the modern Cinderella. Did you see the twinkle in her eyes? Just let her live in the moment. Her story will unfold. It’s just the beginning.

Remember the song? “Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you…” God bless!

Why get upset? Who cares… anyways?

Why get upset? Who cares… anyways? Ever thought how insignificant we are in this vast universe? I am no philosopher, neither am I a monk. I’m just another life in this universe – in the tiny mass we call Earth – where there is no beginning or end … it is just there. Here, you have the right to live just as much as a bacterium.

Life goes on...

Life goes on...

But you may argue, as humans we have self-consciousness, emotions, so why not get upset? You may be right. That’s why we are different from a fish or a porcupine who do not know the purpose of being alive. But do we know in the first place “who we are”. From my limited knowledge, I believe we are a mere series of random events. And whether we are there or not does not make any difference in the bigger scheme of things. That’s because we, as parts, represent the one whole universe that has its unique existence.

Who “we” are is what we project “ourselves” to be. This projection is what others perceive us to have – the way we act, dress, walk or eat. But what could be then our purpose of our lives? May be absolutely nothing… there’s no reason for our existence. Our existence in this universe could be “simply by chance” where every occurrence is totally out of our control. Do not expect anything from the cosmos. It will neither regret our annihilation, nor reward us for our great discoveries!

But this should not upset you or me. There is something positive in this whole phenomenon; I believe we have nothing to lose in this universe, as we try to reach our destiny. We have only ONE life, and all we need to do is make the most of it. What difference it makes to the universe whether we die today or after three decades? Absolutely nothing! Everything we have done in this lifetime will be forgotten (it may be only be remembered by the next few generations), but life will simply move on. It’s all ashes in the end, whether you are a plant or an animal.

Reality bites…but we have to live with it and what should we do? I believe we should just appreciate the gift we are, and the gift we have and dedicate our lives towards making a mark good enough for ourselves as long as we exist! So, just move on… there’s not much time. Your time is “Now”… this very moment.

Mermaids – The wild and exotic!

mermaids are exotic

mermaids are exotic

Mermaids have always captured my imaginations. Mermaid books, videos, songs, folk tales and poems are things I grew up with. My fascination for mermaids can partly be attributed to my seeking the unknown, the mystical, and partly to my love for mythology. And there is something about these sea sirens that makes me feel connected even at this age.

With their home and life under water, these mythological sea sirens, appear as beautiful women from the waist up with their lower body being that of a fish. According to myths, Mermaids are supposed to have magical powers. One of those powers is their ability to sing beautifully. Most mermaid legends suggest that these sirens would serenade sailors and enchant them, thereby distracting the sailors from their work and sometimes causing shipwrecks. In other stories, mermaids save the life out of drowning men and also take men down to their underwater kingdoms and teach them to live in the sea. These legends are common and run in all cultures across the world.

In Hans Andersen’s tales, Mermaids are portrayed as lonesome creatures, who lure men sweetly, yet bring only death and destructions in the end. The Sirens of Greek mythology are sometimes portrayed in folklore as creatures related types of mythical or legendary creature like water fairies or water nymphs. What fascinates me is that these legendary creatures have been enduring symbols in myth and culture for thousands of years and still continue to have a very visible role in contemporary society. They are often a part of movies, ads and our culture in general, leave alone our dreams and fantasies.

As I was reading a marine life journal the other day, a piece on New York’s Coney Island Sea Creature Parade caught my eyes. The event occurs on the first Saturday after the summer solstice around the third week of June, where hundreds of these sea nymphs, mermen along with thousands of spectators descend upon Coney Island, to celebrate the beginning of summer and the official opening of the Atlantic Ocean. What is this powerful attraction that is so compelling that five hundred thousand people turn out for this Parade? Perhaps the answer lies hidden somewhere.

I continue to believe mermaids exist somewhere in the twilight place between land and sea. They are alluring, yet live in harmony with their aquatic environment, and I will continue my never-ending search for mermaids in the hope of seeing them some day!

My Stargazing Nights


stargazing night

Stars of wonder, stars of night… stars with royal beauty bright…

Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy Perfect Light…

Millions of them, twinkling in the night sky, and each one with a message of its own – they touch my heart every time I look into the endless dark blue velvet sky.

In my growing up days, power cut nights were a frequent phenomenon. Although a dampener for many, in a way, it worked to my advantage. It turned me into an avid sky gazer. On a hot summer night, every time when the power went off, my parents and I headed straight to the terrace. Watching the night sky – lying down on the terrace – was amazing. And each time, it was a new revelation!

Viewing the world of constellations, the Milky Way, planets that are visible to the naked eye and several members of the star family – is a simply fascinating experience. And not to forget the mighty moon – shaping the fantasies of poets and painters alike. Moonlight dinners were a common thing on such occasions – something I still long for, but regret not having. Even today, I love to sneak out onto the balcony and gaze up at the breathtaking panorama played out in the night sky.

I have a special fondness for the November sky (when the sky is at its best). You get to see the gushing down of sparkles that last only for a few seconds. It’s amazing to watch those Shooting Stars. If you are lucky, it is said that they will not escape your eyes and several times my roving eyes caught them unaware.

As I sit to think of starry nights, every time, a small village in Bengal comes to mind. The night sky in Lolegaon – where we went for a family outing – was just out of the world! At a place so high up, there were no city lights to lighten the sky. And we could see so many stars that there was almost no space between them. The other fond memories of star studded nights were those of my college days when I went trekking and camping. At Panchgani in Maharastra, where I used to camp, we were given lessons to find the North Star, few constellations like Orion, Taurus, Great Bear, Arcturus, Virgo, to name a few – I cherish those days of yore.

Night stars stand as a testimony to my life on several occasions, for I attained bliss under a star studded sky. Those experiences turned into moments of great revelation in my life and there are many such occasions – The recent one being watching the night sky at the City Planetarium, while setting out on a journey to explore the cosmos with a special friend. As the lights fade away, our eyes got adjusted to the darkness, and the night sky emerged directly above. Suddenly I felt that I am miles away from the city life. All the distractions of the day are lost in the far reaches of space. We were beneath a beautiful night sky, caught up in the wonderment of the universe. We started gazing at thousands of stars, constellations; comets and the shimmering Milky Way – a sense of euphoria, Just for that half an hour – it took away all my worries and gave me a new meaning of life. A virtual world, but a world worth living!

Writing My First Blog

Road ahead

Road ahead

I’ve been writing all through my life (and should continue doing so as long as I live). But this day is special. Finally, I’m here with a brand new page and a fresh template. I am writing my first blog – something I’ve wanted to do always, but wasn’t sure may be. The day will be remembered in many ways. Its the beginning of a year – A fresh start, new hopes, and may be a new era!!!

So, now that I have a blog, I should be head over heels. But not really, strangely! may be I do not know how to start off. But this is ridiculous – as writing comes to me naturally and is a part of me. Somehow today, it is a different feeling altogether.

Ask me what it feels like. I’ll tell you. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you bump into a long lost friend. You want to say so many things and end up saying nothing. Right here, that’s what it feels like.

A lot of things going on in my mind…

I look outside. A bright winter morning – a clear blue sky. Feels quite good actually… Sunbeams make me more vivacious after a cold misty night and gives me the chutzpah to start afresh. The chill air brings with it a new thrust. It whispered to my ears, “First time is meant to be special.”

Like most of us, I too enjoyed doing things for the first time. Whether it’s my first camping, my first day in college, my first baking experience or reading a book for the first time, and not to forget the first time I kissed – First times linger in our memories forever.

I remember this tradition of trying something for the first time almost every weekend when I was doing my masters in communication – staying in a hostel (for the first time). Trekking was a passion during those days and my friend and I explored some new trekking spot – which was first time for us. And every time we conquered a new place, there’s a feeling of bliss.

Minor things can become moments of great revelation when encountered for the first time. and so this blog is special to me, obviously because it’s again something I’m trying to do for the first time … and with most of my thoughts and ideas bottled up within and is soon to become manifest. It should.

All that I can say is now I’m charged up. More ideas in my next posts.