Dear Chocoholics, Time To Get Drunk On Chocolates

close up photography of cocoa powder
Photo by Delphine Hourlay on

Be it a chocolate ice-cream scoop, a sinful piece of a chocolate bar or a gooey chocolate brownie, there’s a certain guilty pleasure when it comes to chocolates.We eat them when we are happy. We eat them when we are sad. We eat them when we have a break up or a make up. We eat them to celebrate special occasions or when we just need a break.
I can shamelessly confess I’m a chocoholic. I’ve had a serious chocolate eating habit all my life and keep binging on dark, bittersweet chocolates – the darker the better. In college, I always had a couple of small bars in my jhola. I can never resist a chocolate dessert, and sometimes I use the ‘punch’ that chocolate gives me, to work late at night or do some boring edits on a sultry afternoon.
Good news is, now researchers suggest that chocolate is good for health in many ways like it keeps you de-stressed, slim and healthy [really??] Of course, there’s a darker side of chocolates – the slavery on cocoa plantations and weight gain issues owing to over indulgence. [but will talk about that some other time] But, as British comedian Jo Brand says: “Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” Calling all chocoholics to celebrate World Chocolate Day. Forget all worries and let’s get drunk on chocolates. #WorldChocolateDay

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