The Dojo, the ground where we practice karate offers a respite from the crowd; it's a breathing space among the concrete jungles. This evening as I dashed across the open space and happened to look into the sky, I was fascinated to see the full moon shining brilliantly - bleaching the ground, the nearby water... Continue Reading →


Road To Cherry Hills – A novel by Sohini Bagchi

Abstract: ‘Road to Cherry Hills’ takes us into the world of Rimjhim, as she walks down the memory lane to her campus days where she meets Ankit, falls head over heels for him and thought her life has changed forever. Of course it did, but in the most unexpected ways, as she soon finds her... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Dream

It was almost midnight... the wind and rain intensified the thick black darkness. She was awake, huddled up to keep herself warm. Her long silky hair tied up in a brown satin bow, she stared out of her bedroom window trying to decipher the outer world with her dark, curious eyes. It was very gloomy and dark,... Continue Reading →

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