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Remembering Meetu

I never knew I could love so much
Until the day I felt your touch
Your beautiful eyes, so deep and blue.
Your angelic hugs, so pure so true
I always held you close to my heart
and prayed that we shall never part

Today, I find it hard to believe
That you are gone and I must grieve;
I call out your name, you answer not,
I keep looking for you in every spot.
So strange are the ways of life, it seem,
I still ask myself: Is it a dream?

I miss the ways you showed you cared,
and all the good times that we shared;
Looking back at the good old days,
I remember all your loving ways
You were my sweetest angel friend,
On whose support count I always depend.

But angels came and took you away
And a tear I shed for day after day
in the sky you are the brightest  star
and I know you see me from very far,
In all the pain I’m going through
Just remember, I’ll never forget you!


Exploring Xonix: The Wonder City!

Xonix – yeah that’s the name, I remember clearly… the city where Ra and I landed all of a sudden on a Friday evening. Before I realised what’s happening, Ra pulled my hand and started inching to the observation deck.  They call it the Star Tower observation deck, said Ra. His voice exudes confidence. “Wow beautiful!” I said with excitement. The observation deck overlooks the city of Xonix. One of the best evening views I had so far. The first thing I noticed is the endless stream of cars, trucks, and trains carrying people and goods from one place to the other. These are some of the well defined surface routes like the expressways, bus terminus, railroads and airports.


wonder city

Ra explained, “These are data buses that carry information between RAM and the CPU.” Just like how you have seen how traffic slows down when expressway lanes are blocked by stalled traffic, in this city, wider data buses that enable more data flow at the same time promote faster system performance.

After a while, we descended to the street level. We saw a local utility worker for a tour of underground Xonix. We came across a network of electric lines beneath the street carrying the energy needed to power the city. You can compare these to the power lines in the system bus, which transfer power from the motherboard’s connection to the power supply to the integrated circuits and expansion boards connected to the motherboard.

Go back to street level, and notice the traffic lights used both on city streets and on the entrance ramps to busy expressways, such as the Eisenhower and the Dan Ryan. Traffic stops and starts in response to the signals. Look at the elevated trains or at the Metra commuter trains and Amtrak intercity trains; they also move as directed by signal lights. These signals, which control the movement of road and rail traffic, can be compared to the control lines in the system bus, which control the transmission and movement of information between devices connected to the motherboard.

Finally, as you look around downtown, take a close look at the men and women carrying blue bags around their shoulders or driving electric vans around the city. As these mail carriers deliver parcels and letters, they must verify the correct street and suite addresses for the mail they deliver. They correspond to the address bus, which picks up information from the correct memory location among the gigabytes of RAM in computer systems and “deliver” new programs. It then changes back to the correct memory locations.

All of a sudden, I came out of my trance. There was fog all over. The streetlights faded into murkiness. “Hey it’s already late for home and I need to rush! Take me out of here…” I told Ra feeling nervous. Further down the street where the lights are quite dim, I can only see shapes, some I recognize, others quite amorphous, unidentifiable. A road quite elongated. But I guess we are out of Xonix – the wonder city.

Chasing your Dream

The other day, I was chatting up with a friend of mine who suddenly came up with the thought that if you’re not chasing a dream, you’re running in circles. When she said this I just smiled casually approving the statement. But later, it made me think. You either keep running after your dreams, until you reach it or continue to move in one place like a carousal life long.

Chasing dreams

Chasing dreams

People have often asked me about my big dream, and I tell them that my big dream is to write books. I tell them this because that’s what a writer’s dream is and of course because its an easily digestible short response. But there’s a long version to it. The long rendering of my big dream is that I want to live a life that’s worth writing about.

Sometimes, I wish I had a clearer picture of what that life would actually looked like. And it is then that I miss having a crystal ball where I can see it all.

I don’t know the clear picture, may be write many books in my lifetime… the story continues

Born of a Greek Goddess

Greek Mythology in a big way has unleashed my imagination. My tryst with the subject began around the time I was only 10 years old. I received my first book on Greek mythology from my cousin, while lying in the hospital bed – healing myself after a minor surgery. Bored, as I was confined within the four walls of the cabin, I started exploring the diversity of mythical characters, the audacious lives they lives, complexities in relationships and all about the ancient Greek world through the book – some of which managed to strike a sensitive cord on my soul, prompting me to explore more on the subject. My fascination for Greek mythology continued all through my growing up years. But with time, as other things started taking precedence, my readings on Greek mythology took a backseat.

The other day, while flipping through the pages of a Greece travel guide, I happened to recall the good old days when I was pretty much occupied with Greek mythology. My memories charged up and I started thinking about some of my favourite characters. One, I instantly remembered was Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war and craft whom I loved to emulate those days, may be because I am also a great appreciator of knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. Incidentally, Athena was the prototype of the contemporary “career woman” as described in mythology. A fulfilling romance and marriage did not feature in her life. The virgin goddess as she is known for managed to invade my heart and inspired me for more than one reasons, many of them unknown. She’s beautiful in her own way and I was completely at awe of her benevolence, strength and compassion.

Athena remains a symbol of knowledge, noble reasoning and wisdom

Athena remains a symbol of knowledge, noble reasoning and wisdom

In Greek mythology, Athena is a goddess of rare quality. she is portrayed as a goddess holding a spear and wearing a golden helmet. She was a good strategist and Greek myths recount tales that she had supported many a gods and mortals offering her advice when they seemingly challenging situations. As the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena comes across as somebody with tremendous intellect. Her decisions were highly ethical, intellectual and selfless.

Her relationship with the mortal hero Odysseus is interesting! In the “Odyssey” by Homer, Athena is shown to have an incredible relationship with Odysseus. After reading the epic poem, one can witness the very complete, very extensive bond she develops with the hero. She disguises herself as different characters, so as to make conversation with her beloved Odysseus. She offered her advice and protection, helping him win several battles.  The goddess Athena herself is recognized as the protector of cities. In one of her most famous adventures, Athena would assume the shape of various men, women, and children to guide the wandering Odysseus.

The name of the Greek goddess Athena remains with us to this day since Athens, Greece, was named in her honor, in appreciation of her gift to them, the olive tree. More than any other of the Greek goddesses, Athena remains a symbol of civilization, useful knowledge, noble reasoning, logic and wisdom. The goddess Athena reminds us that we can successfully use our intellect and creativity in the pursuit of any goal we choose.

Seeing Through Your Eyes

“There must be a place between sleeping and waking up – where you can still remember dreaming.  In that never land, I can see everything through your eyes…”

A soft music of enigma filled the air

A soft music of enigma filled the air

As the sun whispered ‘farewell’ to the world, I looked up at the sky. It looked different from other days. And then… all of a sudden, the sky became so full of life! As if, the bright moon, the stars and the winds, they all have a story to say. I closed my eyes and felt a gentle breeze blowing on my feet. I could see you. We are miles away from each other, yet I could feel every breath of yours – so warm and tender. I started feeling it beneath my skin. Curious, yet nervous I looked into your eyes – those calm and deep eyes – that speaks millions of words in silence.

In your eyes I could see heavens sparkling with the starlight. The moon dazzled with its brightness and the thick dense forest looked like a great reservoir of silence. This silence is bliss as every branch of the tree in the forest seemed to me like dark lines that follow the movements of the silence. the leaves thickly cover the branches as if the silence wanted to conceal itself… The only sound I could hear is the sound of the forest – the chirping of thousands of unknown insects and the gentle rustle of the breeze through the trees. I could even hear the sound of leaves on the trees that shift and sway in the soft wind. Through your eyes, I embarked on a journey through the wild – the woods, swamps and streams in search of river otters, and crocodiles. I then found myself meandering through the choppy waters of the ‘drunken’ river.

The river sang to me the song of her enduring life –It’s the song of her struggle for survival. She longs to meet the sea – break all shackles and be one with the sea. … It’s been a long wait. Every time she crept and swirled and roared, she tried finding the reason for her existence – but it all remains unfettered, blowing in the wind. But she still flows with a calm surface that belies her turmoil beneath. I felt as if I am on the ride of life.

I could also see in the still of the night, thousands of fireflies dancing to glory on the woods. A soft music of enigma filled the air and where they danced the “dance of passion”. I stood like one bewitched, in a speechless rapture. This world was new to me.

And then out of nowhere, it all turned dark, pitch dark – devoid of any sound, light, music …My vision suddenly started to fade. It’s all like a blackboard… I pinched myself. I found myself standing where I was. I closed my eyes once more. I could see through your eyes again…. those lovely deep woods, the cry of the drunken river and the mumble of the breeze that continues to blow through the treetops. The moon, the stars and trees – they all wanted to speak again and tell their story. But I am sheltered on the path, no wings on my feet, no magic on the wand in my hands and the air around me is just still. I have nothing to complain. My life is worthwhile, it’s all in your eyes… the sound, the feel and the touch of the forest. I said to myself “may be some other time.” For I have some more promises to keep… and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep!

A Wednesday confession

I feel somewhere I need to draw a line. At age 33, I should have the power of discrimination; decide what I should do and what not. There is no right and no wrong in a society where you are not answerable to people. However, since we live with others – and just because they are our closest links – the question of rethinking and reconsideration come up at every step.

If I have the guts (which I do) to face the world, and wait for the right time to grab the right opportunity, then others should not have any problem. I do not see myself feeling sad as why someone fails to recognize my abilities. I’m here to accomplish much bigger things in life.

Finally, if I sound too idealistic (or in demeaning expressions ‘foolish’), I would prefer to remain that way, till the right time comes when I can use my idealism as a tool to fulfill my aspirations. (Fulfilling will again remain a big question)