My Diet Critics

My eating habit has been a relentless topic of discussion among my friends, family and co-workers. It’s quite interesting to get mixed reactions from the crowd – shows how much they care for you! I’ve been questioned, scrutinized, appreciated (once in a while) and often criticized for my “out-of-the-lunch box” eating habits. Strangely, I never felt my diet is significantly bizarre though I tried figuring out what makes people talk about it incessantly. Just for fun!

Love the veggies and fruits

Love the veggies and fruits

While trying to introspect my diet  critics, I discovered that their thought pattern can be compartmentalized in three broad categories.

The first group believes I do not eat for the simple reason that I love dieting – to grow slimmer and prettier with age. I don’t know what gives them the impression that I starve! They often think I regularly skip breakfast and refrain from eating my daily meals. They are also those bunch of people who believe that I may not continue to survive and sustain and should not choose the path of self destruction.

The second group believes that I eat less because I fancy dieting and the food I eat are less in terms of quantity and are not nourishing enough. Most of the people in this group believe I should increase my non-vegetarian intake and not be obsessed with fruits or just green veggies. They often attribute my low appetite to workaholism. They make me feel very important. “Oh yah, she leads a super busy life you see!” they often regret.

The third and the final group – people who know me well believe I do have a low appetite, but I relish certain dishes and do not throw up a fuss like my contemporaries.

I too often find myself going out to nice restaurants and coffee shops and occasionally end up eating like a princess. Yes, I’m proud to say, I am fond of clean green veggies and love to fill up my fruit bowl. How does it matter anyways?

for all my critics and well wishers – logically, I appreciate food – if it suits my taste, appetite and budget. And I’m happy about it!


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