Few Relations In Earth Never Die a.k.a FRIEND

It’s sincere. It’s open. It’s nonjudgmental!

It’s sincere. It’s open. It’s nonjudgmental!

Two strangers crossing paths – who at one point didn’t mean a thing to each other, would one day become an essential part of one another’s lives. That’s how most friendships happen. With some friendships, it is even hard to believe it’s been that long since we actually did start off as strangers.

When we meet anyone for the first time, be it at a dinner party, at work or at the coffee shop, we have no idea if he or she will be that someone we will later call one of our dearest friends. We won’t know if that friendship will outlast the hurtles of time and distance and that thirty years from now we will recall that brief conversation with that stranger that magically changed the way we viewed the world.

The interesting thing about strangers is we never really know just what kind of impact they’ll have in our lives – good or bad, short-term or long-term, romantic or platonic. With some it’s almost as if we’ve known each other forever. Or maybe it’s more like we don’t need to spend that extra five minutes explaining why this or that happened because they already get it. There’s this fundamental click with those who are destined to be our friends. It’s sincere. It’s open. It’s nonjudgmental.

I believe, every person we meet or come across in our life has a purpose. Those who make us go through hell are just as necessary as those who help us open doors we never knew existed or we weren’t strong enough to open just on our own. Some people, just by being there, give us the confidence that ‘everything is going to be okay’, and fill a gap in our lives. It’s really a strange phenomenon, much like an adventure sport – exciting and daring but help us boost our spirit!

Few Relations In Earth Never Die (FRIEND) – A tribute to friendship, to all my wonderful friends – ON FRIENDSHIP DAY!


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