Why WhatsApp Puts Me Off

While I was on the bus, I realised that a lot of people were busy typing out on their phones. I took a peek at the people around me and saw that almost everyone was using WhatsApp. The world loves the green-speaking bubble! I have to admit I’m not one of them. I would rather say, ‘I find WhatsApp very ANNOYING. While this could be an understatement, its intoxicating beep every minute and the mostly irresistibly brainless messages just puts me off.

Recently a friend of mine disowned me for not being part of their WhatsApp group. Facebook connected with friends with whom I’d lost touch 15-20 years ago – of course there are some we have never met or might never meet as well, but it was more sensible. But with Whatsapp, we need to be in touch with people everyday, every minute, all the time without really any need, want or desire – just for the heck of it! It makes us forget that people we did not want, were not there because of a reason. Period!

While I’m not on an anti-WhatsApp mission, these are just personal thoughts, I know for many, it is out of necessity or social pressure than a choice! Or else they will be ‘disowned’ by a couple of their friends as I said earlier. But end of day, WhatsApp is just another technology. As another friend has rightly put, “No worries, we’ll all grow out of it…and soon!”


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