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New Year 2016: A time for contemplation and renewal

Today, the world will joyfully celebrate the New Year. Many of us will make resolutions to improve our lives like every year. But as I sit at the old keyboard, I try to focus on the fact that how many of our last years’ resolutions have we fulfilled. Not that we would want to know… Instead, we will drown ourselves in entertainment news, gossips and fake showiness and other trivial things that really don’t matter when we look at the bigger canvas.

New year - a time of reflection
New year – a time of reflection

From terrorism to brutal rape, from corruption to infant death, are we doing – or at least making an attempt – to do something about it? As we head into 2016, we are contemplating an uncertain future that looms like a dark cloud.
As one year ends and another starts, it is a time of reflection and looking forward to the future.

Let us not forget our mistakes of the previous years, so that we do not repeat them in the New Year and the years to come. Let us also thank the Almighty for the gift of time, who atone our mistakes and renew the gift of life we have been blessed with.

Happy New Year!

(Courtesy: Shampa Bagchi)