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Meaning of Life: What’s the point of it all?


Why get upset? Who cares… anyways?

Why get upset? Who cares… anyways? Ever thought how insignificant we are in this vast universe? I am no philosopher, neither am I a monk. I’m just another life in this universe – in the tiny mass we call Earth – where there is no beginning or end … it is just there. Here, you have the right to live just as much as a bacterium.

Life goes on...

Life goes on...

But you may argue, as humans we have self-consciousness, emotions, so why not get upset? You may be right. That’s why we are different from a fish or a porcupine who do not know the purpose of being alive. But do we know in the first place “who we are”. From my limited knowledge, I believe we are a mere series of random events. And whether we are there or not does not make any difference in the bigger scheme of things. That’s because we, as parts, represent the one whole universe that has its unique existence.

Who “we” are is what we project “ourselves” to be. This projection is what others perceive us to have – the way we act, dress, walk or eat. But what could be then our purpose of our lives? May be absolutely nothing… there’s no reason for our existence. Our existence in this universe could be “simply by chance” where every occurrence is totally out of our control. Do not expect anything from the cosmos. It will neither regret our annihilation, nor reward us for our great discoveries!

But this should not upset you or me. There is something positive in this whole phenomenon; I believe we have nothing to lose in this universe, as we try to reach our destiny. We have only ONE life, and all we need to do is make the most of it. What difference it makes to the universe whether we die today or after three decades? Absolutely nothing! Everything we have done in this lifetime will be forgotten (it may be only be remembered by the next few generations), but life will simply move on. It’s all ashes in the end, whether you are a plant or an animal.

Reality bites…but we have to live with it and what should we do? I believe we should just appreciate the gift we are, and the gift we have and dedicate our lives towards making a mark good enough for ourselves as long as we exist! So, just move on… there’s not much time. Your time is “Now”… this very moment.