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Come, Fall In Love!

Ever wondered what is Love, the four-letter word that has often – like a magic wand –  created allurement, enchantment and even upheaval in the history of humankind? Well, for those who have felt it at some point of time (and I’m sure most of us have) know that love is probably the closest we could come to magic! It’s never-ending, it’s eternal, and even if it hurts, we would not mind going an extra mile to make it happen…

Love is an enchantment!

Love is an enchantment!

Love is an enchantment!  The soft rose petals, the clear blue sky, beautiful melodies, never-ending dreams, the smile of a baby, crystal clear waterfalls – Everything wonderful, everything magical… that’s love!

Love is the eagerness we have hidden inside us – the reservation made for that Special person. Love is that one word that liberates us from all sorrows and pain of life. It’s about promises, vows and beliefs. When life gets hard, when things change, its true love that keeps us going…

Love is exhilarating, limitless and divine. So, believe in love, fall in love, get out of it, learn, celebrate it and make it worth! Never let go of love. The whole world is made up of it. Just live with it unconditionally!


Magic In My Life

Celebrating life

Celebrating life

I wish I could simply seize,
The freshness of this scented breeze,

Is it the beauty of the golden meadow,
That makes my face just glow?

I feel the uniqueness of this azure sky,
Under whose cooling shade I could forever lie!

The beauty of the drifting clouds so grey,
Makes me dance and sing in every way!

The playful kittens bring a smile on my face,
As I drown in the beauty of this place.

I love to hum a soothing lullaby,
And taste the saltiness of the sea….

Is it the weather or there’s a magic in my life
That generously rewards me for my strife!