Web of Lies!

Often wondered, instead of getting entangled in a web of lies, why can’t we take steps to improve our real life so that our virtual life follows suit… As Marcus Aurelius, the good Roman emperor, best known for his meditations on Stoic philosophy, observed: “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all... Continue Reading →

The Dojo, the ground where we practice karate offers a respite from the crowd; it's a breathing space among the concrete jungles. This evening as I dashed across the open space and happened to look into the sky, I was fascinated to see the full moon shining brilliantly - bleaching the ground, the nearby water... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Dream

It was almost midnight... the wind and rain intensified the thick black darkness. She was awake, huddled up to keep herself warm. Her long silky hair tied up in a brown satin bow, she stared out of her bedroom window trying to decipher the outer world with her dark, curious eyes. It was very gloomy and dark,... Continue Reading →

Wings of Desire

My son and his friend were playing in the park recently when I heard his friend call out “Eek, there’s a poisonous fly!” My son looking at it replied, “That’s not a fly! It’s a bee – its pretty and harmless.” It was a proud parenting moment. But seeing children playing amidst nature is today... Continue Reading →

Her Inner Voice

The morning sun was dancing off the fresh, green foliage giving it a glow. She leans over the balcony eagerly watching the play of sunlight and shadow. That’s life, often a carnival filled with unique colors and just like the clouds in the autumn sky, these different colors shine and sparkle for a while and then fade away.... Continue Reading →

Moon Shadows

The near-full moon shines brightly, bathing the world in a pale unearthly gleam. The village by the lake is a totally different world in the night. Close by, the trees and the huts are covered with a white silvery sheet. All of a sudden a dark big cloud covers the moon and the darkness deepens.... Continue Reading →

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