Autumn Girl

She has a bit of a thing about leaves. She uses leafy themes and shades of mocha to decorate around the house.

Rake up the leaves and jump right in! An Autumn girl needs the fresh, crisp air and the sound of dry leaves crunching under her toes.

The autumn girl
The autumn girl

An Autumn girl bakes. Take her to the farmer’s market. Fill her basket with harvest fruits and fresh, brown eggs.

Kindle nightly fires to cuddle up beside. If she is restless, take her outside, even in the rain. Tell her – her eyes are like topaz.

Every Autumn girl embraces her dark side. At times she will be as mysterious as the fog rolling silently through a cemetery. She smiles at the spooky. Explore a haunted house, shudder through a ghost tour. Let her clutch your hand and drag you into a corn maze. I bet you’ll have fun.

The Autumn girl is a cheerleader and a homecoming queen. She has team spirit and never misses the playoffs. Some cold, Friday night take her to a high school football game. She appreciates nostalgia too. Warm up with hot chocolate at a roadside diner.

Gift her with small, carved, wooden, antique jewelry box for her to store her jewelry or a set of designer luggage to hold her clothes for a vacation trip. Buy her new scarves and soft cashmere cardigans.

Be glad and be ready, for an Autumn girl is adventurous. Hike a rocky forest path. Canoe on a mirror-still lake, take the paddles and let her lie down for a long rest so that she may look up at the fire colored trees against the bluest sky.

Gratitude is her greatest virtue. Above all, an Autumn girl gives thanks. She knows her worth and will show you the meaning of true abundance because life to an Autumn girl is a cornucopia spilling over with fun, beauty, adventure and delight.

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