Kritika Sharma Interviews Sohini Bagchi

“As a child, she liked making up stories and wrote them on her personal diaries. Later, she pursued her masters in communication studies from Manipal Institute of Communication and has worked with several media organizations. Writing is like breathing to her. It gives her a voice, a sense to her life and connects her with the world.

Sohini Bagchi
Sohini Bagchi

Meet Sohini Bagchi, a journalist cum blogger and the author of Road to Cherry Hills…”

In a recent interview, Sohini Bagchi tells Kritika Sharma tidbits about her life, her passion for reading and writing and her debut novel.



Read the interview here:

You can grab your copy from  and

Now “Road to Cherry Hills: The Journey continues…” is on the Kindle platform too in the eBook format at the following link:

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  1. Read the interview. Knowing you for so long, I find your statements honest to the core. Your vast reading interests makes me feel jealous.I wish you well in the long journey ahead. HS Eswara

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