A Midnight Dream

It was almost midnight… the wind and rain intensified the thick black darkness. She was awake, huddled up to keep herself warm. Her long silky hair tied up in a brown satin bow, she stared out of her bedroom window trying to decipher the outer world with her dark, curious eyes.

The magic happens every night at midnight
The magic happens every night at midnight

It was very gloomy and dark, and quite frankly miserable, but then from the corner of her eye, she saw something dancing around on top of the murky water of the canal next to the courtyard that looked truly royal with its silvery glossy finish.

She picked up her orange quilt blanket that her grandmother made her, then sauntered down the staircase, taking great care not to trip and fall or make any unwanted noise. Then she slowly opened the door with the silver engraved handle of the doorknob…

To her surprise, her eyes widened and all she could see was a bright white light all over. Dancing happily on a lily pad, was a water nymph. It waved at her then dove into the water, just like a dolphin she saw at the city water park the other day. But then it swiftly flew away. And before it was completely gone, it gestured at her again. She became curious and naturally started following it.

She soon found herself in the middle of the central park where she plays with her close gang of friends in the day time. But the park somehow felt different.

The faded colors looked freshly painted and the stone steps leading down to the canal were so shiny that she could see her own reflection crystal clear.

The golden winged lions and horses looked as if they were made of solid gold and they were polished to perfection. All of the brickwork was dappled and looked like a rainbow; it was truly a magical sight.

She realized, all of a sudden, it would soon be dawn, but she made a promise to her new friends that she would visit them every midnight so that she could have many more magical adventures.

The nymph on the lily pad
The nymph on the lily pad

She could feel the cold night air against her thin night dress and the breeze of the wind against her face. As she strolled down the alley, she thought how happy it made her feel. She would surely return for another night of adventure, she thought with a smile and by then she had reached the front of her house.

Slowly opening the door, she crept up the staircase and into her small, secluded room. As she fell into her bed and dozed off within seconds.

There were silver lights all over. The charismatic town and it slowly sank into the deepest ocean. The nymphs lay on the lily pads with moss blankets to keep themselves warm and started to snore softly. Soon everything was back to the way it was, the buildings old and dilapidated. The lions and horses began to fade.

But she feels the magic every night… at midnight.


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