Launch Of My Debut Novel: Road To Cherry Hills

My debut book: Road to Cherry Hills
My debut book: Road to Cherry Hills launched at World Book Fair New Delhi 2018

When I excitedly told a friend that I have written a book and that it will be launched soon, he congratulated me saying, “To have an idea is just about the easiest thing in our lives. To ensure its fruition is indeed both commendable and exciting and more so energizing.”

My friend, being a published author himself must have known the intricacies of writing a book and getting it published. While I’ve heard, it is often troublesome to put our thoughts into action and for a writer this would mean putting ‘ideas’ into ‘paper and pen’, I have always loved reading and penning down my thoughts on paper or notebook.

As a child, I often got scolded by my teachers for being naughty and restless in school. I remember coming back home and scribbled stories on all that happened in school and in my neighborhood. I made picture books portraying simple emotions from everyday events and kept them neatly in my creative file, where I created a world of my own. In writing I found a way of escaping from reality, while positively using my ‘hyper’ energy to deal with my everyday problems with ease.

It was not until my mother – who had this unexplained faith in me – pushed me into writing that changed my thoughts and in some ways, the trajectories of my career.

I got selected from my school to write for The Statesman as a cub reporter along with a bunch of other aspiring writers. It was fun as we were made to attend weekly editorial meetings on Sundays just like seasoned journos. And there was a lot of learning behind those fun and frolic, which I realized later after entering into the realm of journalism.

My book displayed at World Book Fair New Delhi
My book displayed at World Book Fair New Delhi 2018

As years passed by, I had a burning ambition to be a writer, couldn’t see myself doing anything else, so I decided journalism would be a good way of achieving my ambitions while earning a crust.

However, I realized in no time that the disciplines of journalism and creative writing were not as compatible as I had imagined. Moreover being a good writer isn’t something you’re born with, it’s a skill that you continue to hone in over the years, especially through reading. And so, having worked for over one and a half decade, being deeply involved in reporting, editing and feature writing, I also continued to read everything under the sun and penned down my musings in my blog, not letting my creative thirst die.

While the going was good, finally, the much awaited moment came in my life in January 2018, when I announced the launch of my debut book: ‘Road to Cherry Hills: The journey continues…’

With my mom at the book launch event
With my mom at the book launch event

Friends and family, publishing professionals, literary luminaries and journalists gathered at the World Book Fair 2018 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi to watch me, along with my fellow authors, release my work to the world.

Published by LiFi Publications, the event was a resounding success and it was an honor for me to release my book among literary luminaries, critics and enthusiasts!

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly hearing from us, the five debut authors on stage. We introduced ourselves and our book, and even read excerpts from the books, leaving the audience captivated. There was a real eclectic mix of authors and books on offer and those displayed at the publisher’s stall.

It was indeed an occasion to cherish and it drives me to write more and bring out many more books in the days to come.

With Sukrita Paul Kumar, renowned poet, critic and Dr. Moti Lal Pandit, a noted academician
With Sukrita Paul Kumar, renowned poet, critic and Dr. Moti Lal Pandit, a noted academician

The book already available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart and at the publisher’s stall, is earning critical acclaims and excitement from several quarters. But there is one feedback from a very special  person that touched my heart, that’s from my mentor, professor and a father figure, Professor H.S. Eswara, and his words mean a lot to me. Here’s what he has to say:

My dear Sohini,
I finished reading your debut literary piece: Road to Cherry Hills. I found it very pleasant. I am no literary reviewer; nevertheless, I can’t refrain from making some observations.
The novel is a straight narration of Rimjhim story in simple, but elegant language. It is not just a story, but a commentary on the saga of many contemporary educated young women in India. Rimjhim, beautiful young talented girl undaunted by the upheavals of life emerges as a lovable character and provides a role model for girls in similar situations. What makes her so special is her self-confidence, combined with her social etiquette and love for nature. You have shown your literary craftsmanship (or craftswomanship) in the depiction of Rimjhim character.
Srishti is a adorable child and well complements her mother. Bhaskar provides a true representation of techies, experts in their chosen field but miserable failures in real life. Ranga mashi reminds me of the typical Benagali women found in classical writers of Bengal, those humble, devoted, God-fearing and self-sacrificing ones. All these supporting characters have immeasurably added to the success of the novel.
The end of the novel is most appropriate. It tells me the victory of the virtue and the vanquish of the evil. The repentance of Ankit is no compensation for the sufferings underwent by Rimjhim, and that is the hard reality. The message of the novel is clear and loud to me.
This is your first novel and to me it is promising. I wish you will have a very profound literary career in the days to come.
With best wishes,
HS Eswara
Road To Cherry Hills is about love, betrayal, family, celebrating friendship
Road To Cherry Hills is about love, betrayal, family, celebrating friendship and about moving on…


Those who couldn’t make it to the book fair, or haven’t read the book can follow the page on Facebook. Please feel free to ‘like’ ‘comment’ and ‘share’:

“Road to Cherry Hills” is now available for sale on [] and[]. Please grab a copy of “Road to Cherry Hills” and do rate/review and give me your thoughts and comments on my book.

Happy reading.



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