The Healing

She stood up, walked several steps ahead, laughed her heart out… a feeling of exultation overtook her. Passersby looked at her, amused, some quite taken aback, some perplexed. Others just went by.

She need not care all that anymore. She wanted to laugh… She wanted to scream in joy… She felt like a little stumbling, clutching child, who all of a sudden realized her powers, and walked for the first time alone, boldly and with over-confidence She felt free!

She felt like a bird, wispy, fluttering and wandering freely in the sky… in the vast expanse of nothingness. It’s a  flight without an end… a journey without a destination. A life beyond death, a soul beyond cleansing!

Yesterday, She was brooding, sulking… Upset with the world. She felt wronged. She was bruised. She felt like a victim… She was almost about to give up… she felt as if she was dying.

Somebody made her feel alive today, somebody made her dance the dance of ecstasy, somebody made her heart sing. That somebody reached out to reassure her that life is beautiful and will be even more beautiful each passing day. She felt connected to herself, to the one she now trusts, she felt connected to truth… without any fear of herself and the world!



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