Happy Fathers’ Day To Dads and Single Moms

The Internet is flooded by Father’s Day odes, greetings and videos. Needless to say, fathers are responsible for a lot of things in the lives of their children, from disciplining and teaching them, to loving and inspiring them.

You can always count on me...

You can always count on me…

Thoughts of the good old days when I went to watch Charlie Chaplin films with my dad and ate Chinese food at some of the landmark restaurants in Park Street, bring a smile on my face.

My father pampers me and scolds me even today – and is the ‘best’ grandpa to my eight-year old son.

A day ahead of Father’s Day, as I was sitting with dad, listening to some old melodies, and surfing the net, I came across a very endearing video on Facebook, shared to me by a dear friend, Beena.

It’s a Raymond ad film…. It brings a narrative that captures a beautiful moment between a son and his mother. This father’s day, the ad film is dedicated as a salute to the single mothers!

Amidst the many videos, cards and wishes, this video strikes a special chord in our hearts.

Watch the video saluting single mothers on Father’s Day…


My father often says: “No matter your struggles, no matter the depth of your pain, always remember to hold your head up and Never Give Up…” A lesson I will pass on to my child as he grows up.

I found a new vitality, a different meaning to life… this Father’s Day!

So, wishing all those brilliant Dads a Very Happy Father’s Day and a big salute to the single Moms of the world who take on the role of both father and mother… It’s your day!


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