Rest in Peace

It’s been 15 years since she left the world, but not a single day goes by without me not thinking of her.  My aunt – she was like another mum to me and she once told me that I was the daughter she never had.

Rest in peace dear aunt!

Rest in peace dear aunt!

I was away from home, doing my masters when I got the news of her death. I was naturally devastated and remember getting into depression for the first few weeks.  I was confused, tired, extremely sad, and felt like crying almost all the time.

She was in fact the most prominent female figure (after my mom) throughout my childhood and adolescence — I’ll always remember her for her energy, for being so much fun, for being someone I could always talk to, and above all, for being such a lovely person. Really … I’ve rarely known someone as good at heart as her, and I’ll forever miss the love and care she gave me.

Manti, as I fondly called her, was one of five sisters born to my grandparents, and my mom’s best companion, despite being five years elder to her. She and my mom, along with other siblings were blessed with good looks; keen intelligence and a quick wit.

She was truly the heartbeat of the entire family, yet I knew she had a lot of agony, a bitterness bottled up inside – a strange paradox. But those were things she never showed the world. I didn’t know what she was going through, but I’m sorry she had to suffer… and her sufferings had come to an end only with her death.

She discovered her love for music quite early in life. And she did the same with all the passion she could master. While I am proud I followed her footsteps in music and art, since her death, I too had lost the passion for singing – for a good number of years.

My mom says, I’m a lot like her – the way I talk, walk and smile. There’s a bit of her in me – something that makes me miss her even more!

Her death reminds me that we never know how much time we have with someone we love … and that we should cherish that time, and make the most of it, and always, show love for that person, as much as we can.

If there’s something called afterlife and rebirth, I believe, we’ll meet again… some other time or someplace without time and space… Till then, rest in peace, dear aunt!


8 thoughts on “Rest in Peace

  1. My dear Sohini,

    Very affectionate, touching note. I am sure she was your role model and an ideal one. As to afterlife and rebirth, they are only unconfirmed hypotheses. What is important is that she was your aunt in this life and you were blessed by her.

    HS Eswara

  2. This is a very touching blog Sohini. My aunt too is my role model and I kind of understand what you have been through without her. But I’m sure she is always there to bless you.

  3. It was so nice and sad too reading your note. I vaguely remember you mentioning about her when we met near Wimpy’s a day or two after the incident. My prayers too for her.

  4. I still remember spending some moments with her though i was quite young then…. An ever-smiling and joyful lady!

  5. Sorry I was surfing and came across your blog..could not resist to comment…..

    Touching…..I can understand … the loved ones left for heavenly abode always look at you .. they always want you to be happy and shower their blessings on you..their child (ren)…… Its soothing to know that todays’s internet driven world is still full of people who care for relationships and remember their elders. Only a child like pure heart can sense and feel the pain of loosing…..May God bless you….amen.

    Raj Upadhyay

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