Have A Voice! A Unique One

The internet is a pretty crowded place. There are bloggers, marketers, activists, socialites and so many others – always vying for attention. And yet, there is always room for an authentic voice. It all depends on the message we want to share to the world – to our right audience.

Speak up!

Speak up!

If you’re an in a full time job, it’s likely you’re struggling just to find quality time to pursue your creativity. I’m saying this despite being an editor – spending most of my time writing, editing and talking to people. I would love to blog more often, but I falter.

Most professionals have day jobs and use their evenings, weekends or spare time to devote to their creative efforts. For creative professionals with websites and blogs, a bit of time must be carved out for creating meaningful posts and content. The question is, how do you generate interest in this work and what you have to say?

When I first started blogging I simply wrote what was on my mind. I put little thought into who my audience might be or what direction my blog posts would take. Over time I realized that it’s beneficial to think about the audience and what content they would value. In other words, I sensed that writing from the heart could help, but not unless I cultivated a sense of what my message and content should be.

From my reading of various blogs about content marketing I came to believe that creative blog post titles combined with thoughtful writing are a winning formula. Sure, your underlying content has to be of value, but creative writing and an authentic voice can be a refreshing online offering. Think about it. So many posts are unimaginative meanderings and shallow commentary. But the best posts are often controversial, combative or deeply moving.

It makes sense –at least some time – to write about your domain. Suppose you are a copywriter in an ad agency, people would want to learn more about your methods, approach and creative vision. I think every person, especially those in the creative field, should promote his or her work online. And I also think they should unapologetically share their unique voice. What does “unique voice” mean? Basically, it’s your world view and outlook on life. Maybe it’s the way you approach a subject. Or the way you look at things. It’s the way you write, sketch, move and express yourself.

You must stay true to your voice and vision. Nothing really beats the power of authenticity. Tapping into your own unique voice, which no one else has, and developing a memorable message and noteworthy content can be a powerful and effective way to grow. It often works like a magic elixir – as its not only a fulfilling experience but give others a slice of your inspiration!




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