Life is… Celebration!

Motherhood has made me a better person. The statement is cliché no doubt but true! It has not only made me more sensible, motivated and a better manager, but has also helped me see the world with the eyes of a child. That’s a refreshing feeling for sure. As my little one grows up, bit by bit, every day, i could see him get so incredibly excited about everything, and so do I get the energy to participate in the joy of life. It’s fun to be around him and kids of his age.

Celebrating life

Celebrating life

For kids the word celebration doesn’t mean ‘grandeur’ but it means life itself! Even eating a whole bunch of different fruits can be like celebrating every piece of the fruit they eat. I’ve learnt over the years, it is such a wonderful concept to celebrate life with our different actions. That is what life is – celebration and vice-versa!

In fact, think of it, this whole universe is a celebration of existence. Everything in the universe celebrates life in its own unique way. Why does a flower bloom? Why does it give fragrance? Why is it beautiful? The mind always asks these questions. What is the reason for this, or for that?

While everything in the universe has a rhyme or a reason, at the core… It is for fun, for joy, for pleasure, to celebrate life, its richness and multiplicity. In my yoga classes, we were asked to celebrate life with movement and breath. When you celebrate breath with every breath you take, and be mindful, you can imagine how alive you can feel by just breathing.

The same thing which yoga taught me in so many years, my six-year-old educated me in no time. So, with him, I have started to celebrate everything – the sun, the rain, the snow, a smile and a frown … and celebrate life in different ways: in the food I eat, in the air I breathe, in the people I meet, and in almost everything I do. And I pray that we have a lot more enlivening, carefree and happy moments together for many more years!


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    It is such a wonderful concept to celebrate life with our different actions. Let’s participate in the joy of life.


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