Chasing your Dream

The other day, I was chatting up with a friend of mine who suddenly came up with the thought that if you’re not chasing a dream, you’re running in circles. When she said this I just smiled casually approving the statement. But later, it made me think. You either keep running after your dreams, until you reach it or continue to move in one place like a carousal life long.

Chasing dreams

People have often asked me about my big dream, and I tell them that my big dream is to write books. I tell them this because that’s what a writer’s dream is and of course because its an easily digestible short response. But there’s a long version to it. The long rendering of my big dream is that I want to live a life that’s worth writing about.

Sometimes, I wish I had a clearer picture of what that life would actually looked like. And it is then that I miss having a crystal ball where I can see it all.

I don’t know the clear picture, may be write many books in my lifetime… the story continues

Chasing your Dream.


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