Yes, We Need A Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day. The existence of such a day irks some people. It makes them uncomfortable and annoyed. Many dismiss it as irrelevant, and even unwarranted. They often ask the question with a smirk: “What about International Men’s Day?”

My answer to them is, International Men’s Day is perhaps not marked on the calendar because every day of every year is already Men’s Day.

The feeling of empowerment...

The feeling of empowerment… freedom!!!

A common misconception is that all the battles for women have already been won. We’ve got the right to vote, to work outside the home, to own property – after all, what else can a woman expect!

Is that All? Ask yourself the question… Are we able to walk down the street at night without fear of being followed, grabbed, or worse. According to WHO, more than a third of all women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Every year millions of girls are assaulted on their way to school, raped, murdered… Violence against women and girls is a global epidemic. Many of these cases are never even reported.

For these and many more, we need International Women’s Day to remind ourselves that hundreds of millions of boys and girls are growing up in a world where violence against women is acceptable, and where female subjugation is the norm – AND THIS MUST CHANGE…

Women’s Day, Women’s rights, Feminist movement – these terms often used loosely, are absolutely not about hating or excluding men. They are just about loving women more by including men and women in the process. Women’s rights- education, health and safety – is not just a women’s issue, it’s very much a men’s issue as well. The burden for change is however often placed on the woman but what is needed is men standing up and fighting for their sisters, mothers, wives, lovers, friends, to challenge current definitions of masculinity.

To those who can’t see the point of International Women’s Day, I tell them, “You are the very reason it’s there.” International Women’s Day is remembered because gender inequality continues – in every aspect of our lives – knowingly or unknowingly. however, the day it ceases to exist, we can erase it from our calendars.


6 thoughts on “Yes, We Need A Women’s Day!

  1. Gender inequality grips our lives in every way. It is essential for everyone, irrespective of gender, to fight for the rights of women to erase this menace.

  2.   My dear Sohini,   Yes, you are very right, we need a Women’s Day. Traditionally, we believed that “Gods dwell where women are worshipped.” We began to humiliate, torture and ill-treat women, and Gods, perhaps, ran away. Demons began to dominate both within and outside the Homes. Women’s Day is only a reminder that all is not well and safe for women, and we got to do something about it. I wish that you will continue writing as the ‘conscious keeper’ of all of us who care for women and their rights.   With best wishes,   Affectionately, HS Eswara    


    • Thank you so much Eswara Sir. Needless to say, my consciousness on Women’s Rights evolved in Jadavpur University and shaped up in MIC. Not that we can devote much time and attention to such causes, but as you rightly said it is our duty to be a ‘conscious keeper’ and, in our own little ways, care for our rights and other social problems that plague the society .

  3. Well, this is definitely a new line of thought. I actually belong to that lot who get irritated on having a day earmarked for celebrating women’s existence. But, this is actually a different way of looking at the whole thing – and induces me to think, rather think deeply. And yes, I fervently hope that things start looking up for female population all around the world. A very thought-provoking write-up.

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