Congratulations To Prof. H.S Eswara

My heartiest congratulations to Dr. H. S. Eswara, Former Professor, Dean, Chairperson at Faculty of Communication, Bangalore University, who has received the Life-time Achievement Award 2013 for his contribution to Media Education from the Karnataka Media Academy, Government of Karnataka.

I want to thank him for giving me the experience and guidance to help me grow in many ways. It’s really a privilege, and an honour to have him as my professor and mentor!

It’s indeed a proud moment for Us

It’s indeed a proud moment for Us

With an extensive knowledge in the field of Media, Communication and Psychology, Prof. Eswara started his teaching journey as Reader in Psychology at the Post-graduate Department of Psychology at Mysore University 1968 and went on to become Professor, Dean and Chairperson, involved in research, teaching and administration at the Faculty of Communication, Bangalore University.

He taught at Manipal Institute of Communication and was the visiting professor at Kuvempu University, Shimoga. In 2009, he held Sir MV Chair in Science in the PG Department of Psychology, University of Mysore.

Prof. Eswara, who turns 75 this February says: “If I just introspect, my own contribution is somewhat scanty. However, I see my success in the achievements of my students. And therefore, I deem that the Award is a honour bestowed on my students. So, the Award belongs to all of them, and I am sure they will all cherish it.”

It’s indeed a proud moment for Us – his students and this is something we will cherish forever!


Here’s what some of his other students have conveyed. (MIC – Batch 2001 and 2002)

Rima Rajan: That is fabulous news! My congratulations to sir who helped me through very tough times of my thesis along with Mathew sir! The best part of Manipal for me! Very well deserved

Harini Kucknoor: Thanks for sharing this Sohini! I will indeed cherish this..

Kumkum Jagdish: Thats great. Thanks for sharing

Kranthi Madhav: Thank you Sohini for sharing this wonderful news. Batch 2002 should plan and celebrate with Eshwara sir in Bangalore…

Susim Mohanty: Fantastic. He was /is an amazing person to know. And a great teacher and mentor…

Archana Vivekh: Wow! What an honour to all who know him! Make me so proud that he taught us all!

Megha Abraham: Brilliant news and needless to say well deserved!

Deepa Ballal: Hi SOHINI, thats great news…!!!! An apt gift:-)

Usha Seetharam: He truly deserves it – I’m so honored he was my thesis mentor!

Anirban Das: Well deserved!!


3 thoughts on “Congratulations To Prof. H.S Eswara

  1. My dear Sohini,

    How do I thank you for the affection you have showered on me through this column? I have no words but to acknowledge that I am hugely gratified by your expressions. I do hope that I will continue to enjoy your love and affection for the rest of my life.

    I am glad to see the kind words that your classmates have spoken of me. I am not sure how much I deserve of them. But I see in these expressions their civility. I thank all of them through this note for their kind sentiments. You have also made me nostalgic because so many of those loveable characters came to my memory. As someone suggested, it is a good idea that we all meet sometime in Bangalore. But I am not sure of its feasibility. Let’s hope it will happen in my life time! Even if I don’t meet them, I always think of them and wish them well in life.

    With best wishes,

    HS Eswara

    • Thank you once again sir. To be honest, words are not enough to express my gratitude. I too hope that I will continue to enjoy your love and affection always. 🙂

  2. What a proud moment and very well deserved indeed. Will always cherish what Sir taught us, both professionally and personally. A great honor for a very humble and genuine human being. Thank you Eswara Sir for everything !!!

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