It’s All About ‘Love’ On Valentine’s Day!

In my college days I used to dread Valentine’s Day! There was so much hype and drama that I preferred staying in my room – curled up with a book or watching a good film. Later, when I started dating, had a boyfriend, I accidentally gave in to the hype and drama associated with the V-Day, I confess. However, even then, roses and candlelight dinners or a night out never really got me excited for February 14th.

Share it, express it and let it continually grow

Share it, express it and let it continually grow

The other day, when I was having a conversation with a friend, Sabrina, she explained to me something very interesting. Quoting a para from the Bible, she said, Biblical love is not about getting, it’s about giving, and giving without the need of getting in return. That’s the true essence of Valentine’s Day. “But how many of us are aware of this?” she questioned.

True to her sayings, there is little doubt that like every other festivity in the world, Valentine’s Day has become commercialized, thanks to the hype created by the media. Today, to the world at large, Valentine’s Day is only about romantic love. This high focus on love and romance for couples can leave many people feeling left out. Not to mention the pressure of coming up with romantic ideas and gifts, makes it an even more expensive display of affection.

My teacher in high school once said, V-day can be a good time to reconnect and express your care and concern. Or perhaps you’ve had a falling out with someone, let this day be a reminder to let go of past mistakes and resentments. For many, Valentine’s Day symbolizes forgiveness and healing.

I’m much excited by the fact that this Valentine’s Day, we, as family, planned a visit to Mother Teresa’s Home and pray for those who are in need. It’s important to find pleasure in simple things in life, as a cousin of mine tries to give her family dinner a little wow factor every Valentine’s Day. And not to forget, a neighbour I know well, instead of giving flowers, planned to plant a tree as part of volunteering in a community gardening project.

And what Beena, a dear friend of mine wrote on Facebook was the best of the lot. Her simple yet thought-provoking message was that she thanks the “Creator who taught her what it is to love, for the love of her family and all her friends ‘coz each of U is a blessing in my life… Though I feel this everyday, Valentine’s Day is just an occasion to say so to all you lovely ones!”

It’s important to love and Valentine’s Day teaches us that part of life without which existence may be impossible. A message to all is: No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to love. As the Beatles so aptly sang, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Share it, express it and let it continually grow!


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