An Air of Youthfulness

Book review:

Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Swayam Ganguly’s debut novel – Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll is nothing out of the world, but that’s what sets it apart from the crowd. The storyline is simple, centering the lives of three young men who meet as strangers on a train journey and become friends forever. While their common points of interest was a love for the arts and a desire to do something ‘different,’ the story further explores the changing perception of the younger generation, and how with the help of the central theme – love, films and music – the men relive their inherent cultural values.

- Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

The language is vivacious and has a youthful charm as the author aptly describes the emotions of the young men, their state of mind and also that of the other characters.

Swayam needs to be applauded for doing a good amount of research while writing his book, especially when his characters discuss the various aspects of film and music, it shows his depth of knowledge on the subjects. At the same time, he has also painted a wonderful picture of the city of joy – Kolkata, as he goes on to describe the streets, its people, the teeming crowd and every other minute detail. The descriptions are vivid and come straight from his heart.

The way Swayam has structured the content needs a special mention. The book is divided into three parts, each having a certain number of chapters. The book shuttles between the past and present – as in the first part we get to see how the three characters get to meet and discover their dreams and desires. The second part deals with how they go about chasing their dreams and finally, the last section depicts their changing perceptions, some fulfilled ambitions and ends on a positive note.

The fact that the novel deals with Youth and the younger generation makes it invigorating. Well structured, inspiring and lively, Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll is indeed an enjoyable read!

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