Chennai Express Derails…

My apologies to the genuine Shahrukh Khan fans. I am not an SRK hater… can’t afford to be … by the virtue of sharing my birthday with the ‘Superstar’ and seeing my five-year old rejoicing when SRK dances on screen. But in several of his films Shahrukh Khan disappoints.


SRK: Please stop overdoing your scenes…

It’s too late to write a review of Chennai Express, which already enjoyed a mammoth box office collection in the past few months and garnered thousands of opinions. In fact I watched it quite late as I wasn’t waiting to watch the film with nail-chewing eagerness or for that matter any kind of enthusiasm. So I skipped going to the theaters. Watching it on Zee Cinema, (which i rarely do) with my folks was a better and smarter option for this film. But just couldnt help penning down some thought…

I was sure Chennai Express was going to be mindless, but what shocked me was it even lacked the bare minimum criteria – a quality entertainment! It was a messy, silly film, laced with over the top scenes and unwanted stereotypes… SRK should stop overdoing his scenes is my humble request to him and his directors if anyone chances upon my blog!!!

Director Rohit Shetty seemed to have lost it completely and after a few reels, Chennai Express derailed, landed in a no-man’s land and focused only on blowing up cars and SUVs – the Hollywood ishtyle. The only good part about the film, if any, is Deepika Podukone, who in couple of scenes entertained with her funny antics. But that was like a drop in the bottle. It’s a man’s world after all! – the ‘100 Crore Club’ at least!

Wonder what makes a film work in Bollywood? If the idea of making a good film starts and stops at making money, then we will rarely get to savor the quality cinema, which even if not intellectually provocative can at least be entertaining and witty in the right way – not poking at other culture, religion or community! Even if the intention is for fun or ‘jus like that!

Glad that parallely, we also have films like ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Lunch Box’ that get their space. Some day more people will vote for change just as they are doing now in society and film is a reflection of the society they say. As I end with SRK’s popular quote in Chennai Express: “Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Common Man…” We do not Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. Change is always ushered by the common man and you just need to wait and watch!!!


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