Stealing a little freedom


Aaah… Freedom!

Welcome to my little free space – the corner of my room, where I have created a virtual world. It’s a world of virtual reality that connects me to any part of the world, even to the outer space…

Every night, no matter what, just like a caged tiger waiting for its chance to break free – I wait impatiently for the world to sleep, so that I can immerse myself in the seemingly beautiful world of reading, blogging, chatting, flirting, emailing and all that I wish to do. It’s become an addiction since the past several years, something others of my generation and generation-nexts existing in the hyper-information age can perhaps relate to. I have no regrets, I’m happy to live my life in a LAPTOP – sleek, dark, sporty – and I enjoy every bit of him.

So, when my mom says, “Child you are too hooked to that device… your computer and you should relax after a hard day… stay away from it in the night.” I argue, “yes I am hooked, willfully, and I mean it!”

My laptop to me is more than a device. I explain to her it’s a way of life that unleashes a whole new world to me, anything I wish for! It’s a state of mind that makes me believe in myself, connects me to my inner soul. It’s as refreshing to me as the honey lemon tea I have every morning, or the cold water shower I take after a tiring day or the white lilies on my terrace I see everyday, greeting me cheerfully when I pass by.

I complete all my housework, keep things ready for the next day and put my little son to bed, only to embark on my virtual journey where I have created my own sense of FREEDOM!

Call me an insomniac, obsessed or ridiculous, or just about anything – I love my freedom, I seek that pleasure in stealing just a handful of it – and I like it that way!

Happy Independence Day to All!


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