Celebrations of life

I was always fond of yoga – it helps me elevate my body, mind and spirit. I realized it’s the power of yoga that has given me a reason to celebrate life. I remember clearly the unusual energetic experience I had on the first day of my Yoga class when I was studying only in the eighth standard.  As the teacher was teaching us a posture, I felt a wave of incredible energy passed through my body.  It was really quite an amazing experience of an extra ordinary nature.

The power of Yoga

The power of Yoga

After class, when I had a discussion with my teacher, he told me that it was a positive sign to have such an experience of a spiritual nature.  So, yoga to me is not just about physical exercise, it’s about connecting the body, mind and spirit. Over the past many years, I have been practicing yoga and luckily such experiences have continued to be a part of my life.

Then, some time ago, I learnt Reiki, a Japanese form of spiritual practice that helped me heal my body and mind. Now, I find a lot of passion in the touch healing technique. I have also learnt Kundalini Yoga, a wonderful Yoga form that gives me the power to understand my inner potential.

I also read a lot of books on Yoga. The philosophy of Yoga makes so much sense to me, and helps me put my life into perspective.

I would confess that a glass of warm water and half an hour yoga session alongside Pranayam makes me feel rejuvenated, keeps my body working properly and most of all, keeps my mind peaceful and relaxed.

Yoga, meditation and spiritual practice to me are a celebration of life. Throughout my life, I wish to learn and practice yoga and intend to pass on my knowledge to others!

(the article has been published in a lifestyle magazine)


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