His Eyes!

He has the most adorable eyes you could ever fall for and a revealing smile that took my breath away. When I looked into his eyes – anytime – it was so hard to turn away. Sometimes, when I looked at him, everything in the world made sense. He made me smile when he didn’t even have to try.

eyesI’d been warned against him by my ‘well wishers’, but I just couldn’t stop thinking of him. He often seeped into my thoughts in the wee hours of the night, at times when I least wanted to think of him. There’s something in his eyes that bemused me every time! I can’t say what but yes only I could feel it!

When I looked into his eyes, I felt my heartbeat everywhere, even in my toes. I wanted to do something bold, but I just smiled and walked away when his eyes met mine – not sure whether it was a smarter thing to do.

Some moments of togetherness was like knowing him for a lifetime! His flaws made him look just as perfect and with him around I felt all’s well in my life. And then… those eyes changed colours. I could see an expression of diffidence lying hidden in those dark deep eyes.

I could no longer bear those eyes of deceit that looked at me with oblivion. A pinch of memory, a flash, then it’s over! There was void all over. I stopped looking at his eyes – forever. But the something in his eyes continues to haunt me – especially in the nights when sleep is elusive.

I seek frantically the story left untold – the tale with an abrupt end – a tale of those eyes that spoke a thousand words and bore deep wounds into my soul.


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