We don’t own anything!

universeI just came across an interesting quote by Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu as I was looking at a site on inspirational quotes and sayings. It says, “Be content with what you have; rejoice the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

I read it twice or thrice. A sudden chill ran down my spine. “Relax!” I said to myself. It’s just a quote… But is it so? Is it not the obvious fact that we are afraid to face in our life? Yes, it is scary to let go.

I thought of the cozy world of mine – that belongs to me, my dear and near ones and my cherished belongings. For many of us, when we look back, we have lost enough and we don’t want to lose anymore. I just thought what would happen even if I lose  my laptop – an object I’m so attached to? Forget the security of the device that I have to first take care as formality, it would be a shocking realization to learn that I have lost all my photos, articles, work files or ideas that I had kept neatly in my small personal machine. There was a moment of void when I envisioned the ‘what if’ situation and got a bit edgy.

We are happy with our little cozy world that it has created for itself, where everything is familiar, expected, and known. But there is a greater Will that shakes our belief time and again to remind us that life was never meant for ourselves or for the comfort of the ego- it is meant for an exploration, the unexpected and often the unfamiliar. Beyond this little perfect world of ours is a universe that is spacious and timeless – infinite and eternal.

Freeing yourself is the most difficult part of existence. Why should we free ourselves if we wish to exist? Maybe the pious and the divines can answer that better and we can never imagine unless we reach that level. In Vedic astrology, we have read about Ketu as a moksha (liberation) karaka and its influence is absolutely essential for moksha to occur. Buddhism too explains Nirvana as a state of bliss or peace – a state that may be experienced in life, or may be entered into at death. Other religions and philosophies in the world have also widely spoken of liberation – an emancipation wherein you realize that we actually don’t own anything during our brief stay on earth. As a facebook friend of mine recently posted on his wall: “God just loans the earth to us while we are here.” But how much we can repay – well that should depend on our deeds I suppose. So time for some food for thought, and if you have already done that please do share with me your thoughts!


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  1. Freeing oneself from extraneous wants is simply the door to seeing existence for what it truly is. Once that happens then one can see that the laptop (for instance) doesn’t exist in the first place, so if it should be lost, then nothing was really lost at all. ^_^

    1. Absolutely, but the thought is no ordinary. It’s scary in fact. To say nothing exists in the first place, you must be referring to Solipsism, which is again hypothetical 🙂

      1. I’m referring to what a laptop “truly” is. What anything “truly” is. The words are more than their surface, lexical meaning. No concepts, no philosophical rules. Just what is. That is what I am referring to 🙂

  2. Life is like a movie show. A person who is watching a movie, often gets so involved with the characters and with what is happening on the screen. He becomes happy or sad with the heroes, gets depressed, shouts or laughs. If at a particular moment he decides to stop watching the screen and manages to withdraw his attention from the movie, he gets snapped out of the illusion the movie creates. The projecting machine will go on projecting images on the screen, but he knows that it is only light projected through the film onto the screen. What is seen on the screen is not real, but yet it is there. He may watch the movie, or he may decide to close his eyes and ears and stop looking at the screen. That’s life. Nevertheless good analysis!

  3. Wow meaningful point raised. Really we don’t own anything in the very first place. It is only the appearance of owning, a false identification or sense that we are separated and alone, an unnecessary need to protect some illusionary fantasy.

  4. Dear readers, Also dont miss this interesting quote. “What therefore becomes of the sun, moon and stars? What must we think of houses, rivers, mountains, trees, stones, nay, even of our bodies? Are all these but so many chimeras and illusions of fancy?…I answer that by the principles premised we are not deprived of any one thing in nature. Whatever we see, feel, hear, or any wise conceive or understand remains secure as ever,a dn is as real as ever. There is a rerum natura, and the distinction between realities and chimeras retyains its full force.” Berkeley, Principles of Human Knowledge.

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