The Chronicle of Mom

“My mom is the best” – something most of us say. And true to our sayings, moms are indeed the best gifts of God to us. My mom too is an absolute delight and I know I can always fall back on her for anything because she has always ironed out my conflicts (both inner and outer) and soothed my fears and helped me shape my dreams into reality.

Mumz the best

Mumz the best

The best thing about this woman in my life is that she is always ready to just sit and listen to whatever I have to say and then put forth her view – her advices in most cases are as precious as platinum. There is something composed about mum which will take me a few more decades to master – or may be I will never be able to because I’m not really her type. Even though the handful of “critics” complain that she spoiled me rotten, I would say she “adores” me for the person I am and has a deep trust in me. Spoil is certainly an ugly word.

Having mum beside me while growing up was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone can ask for. It is because of the confidence and values that she instilled in me that made me who I am today. She made me believe that whatever I want to be, or whatever I want to do, there is no limitation except our drive and ambition.

Looking back, however, her story is that of compromises like most Indian women. Born and brought up in Katihar (Bihar) and partly in Kolkata, she belonged to a conservative family of five sisters and one brother. She tied the knot and entered her matrimonial home at a tender age. Even though she managed to complete her studies in most parts, her role was confined to the family chores looking after her husband, children and family. She had no choice, but to live with her fragmented ambitions. Mum always expressed herself through her intelligence in speech, through creativity in writing and art or dressmaking and even when she is trying to prepare a special dish – it got to be served in the most creative manner. Traveling is also an ingrained love both my parents share (more so my dad), and this my mom says has helped her  explore the many facets of life.

Mum believes that even as a child I was an absolute delight. And I became her constant companion since then. Even in my teens, I remember discussing many a censored issues with her when a few of my friends already turned into “teen rebels”. Even today, whenever we find time, we have exciting long conversations, gym together, drive together, swim together and read and laugh together.

As I grew up – pursued my studies and get a job and had several other priorities in life, she (and also my dad) was always in my heart. I will never forget the way you both came to my support when I thought I had no one to turn to. Now her priority is her grandson – who she believes is the twinkles of her eyes.

I thank God everyday for this wonderful relationship that we share. Words, I know are not enough to say what you mean to me, but as a writer this is the only way I can express myself. And so I thought of having a blog, where I can continue to write about the most memorable people, events and happenings of my life, especially those who matter to me (or those who touch my heart).  And mum, you are definitely my first and my lasting inspiration.


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