Doraemon’s Magic pocket

I wish I had a magic pocket from where I can pull out any amazing gadget and make life faster, effective and more meaningful. Just like Doraemon, the blue robotic cat from the future land and Japan’s best-loved cartoon character, who boasts of his four-dimensional magic pocket. These thoughts came up while watching Doraemon on the television with my little boy Kush. For him, this star of the manga is religion. Going by my age, I am expected to behave in a certain manner, say somewhat like a “grown up” mom and tell him “Too much TV is not good for your eyes Kush!!!”  But I also find it tough to resist Doraemon’s magic pocket full of cool gadgets. And we end up watching it together.

It is tough to resist Doraemon's magic pocket full of cool gadgets.

It is tough to resist Doraemon's magic pocket full of cool gadgets.

Doraemon is simply fascinating as every time he brings a new wacky gadget to help his dearest friend Nobita who otherwise finds it impossible to deal with bullies, do his homework, and overcome all sorts of problems that plague young boys. The only problem is that his gadgets often invite trouble, especially when given to Nobita. And there’s always an important lesson in the end.

The other day kush asked me what are the gadgets I would bring into play if Doraemon allows me to use his 4-dimensional pocket full of magic gadgets.

I penned down a few that I could think of…

Anywhere Door – This is a pink door that will take you anywhere in the universe that you want to go. Just stand in front of it, make a wish of where you’d like to go, step through and you’re there. Lucky boy, Nobita!

Time Cloth – This is a red cloth with little clocks all over it. You wrap it around something and that thing becomes older or newer, depending on the side. Wish I could alter time!

Memory Bread – Images are imprinted on the bread and when people eat it, they form false memories in their mind. I wish I could use it on some creeps…

Air Gun – This is a tube that you slip over your finger and it knocks your opponent over with a powerful blast of air when you say, ‘Bang!’ I need this one badly!!!

Anything Mind Gas – When you spray something with this gas, the thing becomes attracted to you and will flee from anybody else. I wish this happened in reality.

Voodoo Camera – Take a picture of someone with the Voodoo Camera and it makes a voodoo doll of them. I have the remote control. Wow!

Fluffy Medicine -Take some of this stuff and your body weight becomes light enough that you can float in the clouds. Wish that’s possible!

Dream Reader – When you have trouble falling asleep, you can watch other people’s dreams using the Dream Reader. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Takecopter- A propeller that you attach to any part of your body with a suction cup that lets you fly. We all want to fly Mr. Doraemon!

I liked your idea kush. I ‘m all set to experience the wonders of Doraemon’s 4-dimensional pocket. Now I’ve got the whole world in my hands… Is somebody hearing???


9 thoughts on “Doraemon’s Magic pocket

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  2. I Just Love Doraemon……he Is Soo Cute……cool……i Didn’t Any Television Shows When The Doraemon Show Is Going On.Its My Favorite Cartoon Then Others.I Love The Doraemons Sister Dorami Also.

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