My Night Time Playmate

He watchfully opens the door of disruption and comes to me every night. Yes, lately, every night I stay wide awake and impatiently wait for him to come. I know he would. And some nights, even if I succumb to sleep, he comes and wakes me like a lover and tells me ‘let’s play!’

I have learnt to enjoy this game

I have learnt to enjoy this game

I set out to ‘play’ with my night playmate – no one to disturb, nobody to question and none to feel misunderstood. I do not feel the burden of time any longer and there’s a certain reprieve from deep within. During the playful night, I rediscover the night sky: so dark and intense and steeped in mystery.

We look up to see the wonders of the night sky: the splashing light of stars and bright constellations that beholds the power of night. A patch of white cloud slowly sails across the sea of night moving to some far off lands where dreams are meant to come true. A cool breeze blows silently whispering to the trees the song of freedom. The white coolness of the moon brings with it some relief. The frosty, silver light dribbles through my veins taking me to the realms of dream. I yearn to fly in the night sky, but my feet stand still on the land. My eyes started to close – I started to fall asleep.

“Of late, I have learnt to enjoy this game,” I whispered in his ears. He gently kissed my hand and bid me goodnight. For you I can sleep by the light of day, dreaming of better tomorrows and awake in the night… amidst the glowing stars and creamy moon only to see those dreams come true…just with you! Keep coming to me every night, my nighttime playmate – thy name insomnia!


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  1. Just when we had a open-mouth moment reading through it, such an anti-climax at the end. Great stuff!


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