Born of a Greek Goddess

Greek Mythology in a big way has unleashed my imagination. My tryst with the subject began around the time I was only 10 years old. I received my first book on Greek mythology from my cousin, while lying in the hospital bed – healing myself after a minor surgery. Bored, as I was confined within the four walls of the cabin, I started exploring the diversity of mythical characters, the audacious lives they lives, complexities in relationships and all about the ancient Greek world through the book – some of which managed to strike a sensitive cord on my soul, prompting me to explore more on the subject. My fascination for Greek mythology continued all through my growing up years. But with time, as other things started taking precedence, my readings on Greek mythology took a backseat.

The other day, while flipping through the pages of a Greece travel guide, I happened to recall the good old days when I was pretty much occupied with Greek mythology. My memories charged up and I started thinking about some of my favourite characters. One, I instantly remembered was Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war and craft whom I loved to emulate those days, may be because I am also a great appreciator of knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. Incidentally, Athena was the prototype of the contemporary “career woman” as described in mythology. A fulfilling romance and marriage did not feature in her life. The virgin goddess as she is known for managed to invade my heart and inspired me for more than one reasons, many of them unknown. She’s beautiful in her own way and I was completely at awe of her benevolence, strength and compassion.

Athena remains a symbol of knowledge, noble reasoning and wisdom

Athena remains a symbol of knowledge, noble reasoning and wisdom

In Greek mythology, Athena is a goddess of rare quality. she is portrayed as a goddess holding a spear and wearing a golden helmet. She was a good strategist and Greek myths recount tales that she had supported many a gods and mortals offering her advice when they seemingly challenging situations. As the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena comes across as somebody with tremendous intellect. Her decisions were highly ethical, intellectual and selfless.

Her relationship with the mortal hero Odysseus is interesting! In the “Odyssey” by Homer, Athena is shown to have an incredible relationship with Odysseus. After reading the epic poem, one can witness the very complete, very extensive bond she develops with the hero. She disguises herself as different characters, so as to make conversation with her beloved Odysseus. She offered her advice and protection, helping him win several battles.  The goddess Athena herself is recognized as the protector of cities. In one of her most famous adventures, Athena would assume the shape of various men, women, and children to guide the wandering Odysseus.

The name of the Greek goddess Athena remains with us to this day since Athens, Greece, was named in her honor, in appreciation of her gift to them, the olive tree. More than any other of the Greek goddesses, Athena remains a symbol of civilization, useful knowledge, noble reasoning, logic and wisdom. The goddess Athena reminds us that we can successfully use our intellect and creativity in the pursuit of any goal we choose.


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