Seeing Through Your Eyes

“There must be a place between sleeping and waking up – where you can still remember dreaming.  In that never land, I can see everything through your eyes…”

A soft music of enigma filled the air

A soft music of enigma filled the air

As the sun whispered ‘farewell’ to the world, I looked up at the sky. It looked different from other days. And then… all of a sudden, the sky became so full of life! As if, the bright moon, the stars and the winds, they all have a story to say. I closed my eyes and felt a gentle breeze blowing on my feet. I could see you. We are miles away from each other, yet I could feel every breath of yours – so warm and tender. I started feeling it beneath my skin. Curious, yet nervous I looked into your eyes – those calm and deep eyes – that speaks millions of words in silence.

In your eyes I could see heavens sparkling with the starlight. The moon dazzled with its brightness and the thick dense forest looked like a great reservoir of silence. This silence is bliss as every branch of the tree in the forest seemed to me like dark lines that follow the movements of the silence. the leaves thickly cover the branches as if the silence wanted to conceal itself… The only sound I could hear is the sound of the forest – the chirping of thousands of unknown insects and the gentle rustle of the breeze through the trees. I could even hear the sound of leaves on the trees that shift and sway in the soft wind. Through your eyes, I embarked on a journey through the wild – the woods, swamps and streams in search of river otters, and crocodiles. I then found myself meandering through the choppy waters of the ‘drunken’ river.

The river sang to me the song of her enduring life –It’s the song of her struggle for survival. She longs to meet the sea – break all shackles and be one with the sea. … It’s been a long wait. Every time she crept and swirled and roared, she tried finding the reason for her existence – but it all remains unfettered, blowing in the wind. But she still flows with a calm surface that belies her turmoil beneath. I felt as if I am on the ride of life.

I could also see in the still of the night, thousands of fireflies dancing to glory on the woods. A soft music of enigma filled the air and where they danced the “dance of passion”. I stood like one bewitched, in a speechless rapture. This world was new to me.

And then out of nowhere, it all turned dark, pitch dark – devoid of any sound, light, music …My vision suddenly started to fade. It’s all like a blackboard… I pinched myself. I found myself standing where I was. I closed my eyes once more. I could see through your eyes again…. those lovely deep woods, the cry of the drunken river and the mumble of the breeze that continues to blow through the treetops. The moon, the stars and trees – they all wanted to speak again and tell their story. But I am sheltered on the path, no wings on my feet, no magic on the wand in my hands and the air around me is just still. I have nothing to complain. My life is worthwhile, it’s all in your eyes… the sound, the feel and the touch of the forest. I said to myself “may be some other time.” For I have some more promises to keep… and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep!


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