A Wednesday confession

I feel somewhere I need to draw a line. At age 33, I should have the power of discrimination; decide what I should do and what not. There is no right and no wrong in a society where you are not answerable to people. However, since we live with others – and just because they are our closest links – the question of rethinking and reconsideration come up at every step.

If I have the guts (which I do) to face the world, and wait for the right time to grab the right opportunity, then others should not have any problem. I do not see myself feeling sad as why someone fails to recognize my abilities. I’m here to accomplish much bigger things in life.

Finally, if I sound too idealistic (or in demeaning expressions ‘foolish’), I would prefer to remain that way, till the right time comes when I can use my idealism as a tool to fulfill my aspirations. (Fulfilling will again remain a big question)


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