I’m a Believer

This is not a piece about prophecies and spiritualism. I write it in big and bold because what comes to mind when we utter the word “believer” is sermons and prayers, which I agree are legitimate expressions of a believer. But I am deviating a bit from this. Believing, to me, is having faith in something that inspires me and gives me strength.

To me, a life that lacks faith is lifeless to say the least. There was a time in my life I stopped having faith in everything… And began to tread on a path of darkness and negativity. But after a while I realised that “No, I can’t let my life go rock bottom. I need to live.”

So I started to have faith all over again. I started believing in ME. ofcourse, I didn’t pound my chest in front of everyone. It came from deep within. It is that feeling that gives you the thrust to move on in life, try harder, learn more and realise your dreams end of day.

Life has taught me that if I don’t believe in myself, nobody else will. It starts with ME! I utter these three words every night before I go to sleep “I believe in ME”.

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. And so, I am a believer!


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