Writing My First Blog

Road ahead

Road ahead

I’ve been writing all through my life (and should continue doing so as long as I live). But this day is special. Finally, I’m here with a brand new page and a fresh template. I am writing my first blog – something I’ve wanted to do always, but wasn’t sure may be. The day will be remembered in many ways. Its the beginning of a year – A fresh start, new hopes, and may be a new era!!!

So, now that I have a blog, I should be head over heels. But not really, strangely! may be I do not know how to start off. But this is ridiculous – as writing comes to me naturally and is a part of me. Somehow today, it is a different feeling altogether.

Ask me what it feels like. I’ll tell you. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you bump into a long lost friend. You want to say so many things and end up saying nothing. Right here, that’s what it feels like.

A lot of things going on in my mind…

I look outside. A bright winter morning – a clear blue sky. Feels quite good actually… Sunbeams make me more vivacious after a cold misty night and gives me the chutzpah to start afresh. The chill air brings with it a new thrust. It whispered to my ears, “First time is meant to be special.”

Like most of us, I too enjoyed doing things for the first time. Whether it’s my first camping, my first day in college, my first baking experience or reading a book for the first time, and not to forget the first time I kissed – First times linger in our memories forever.

I remember this tradition of trying something for the first time almost every weekend when I was doing my masters in communication – staying in a hostel (for the first time). Trekking was a passion during those days and my friend and I explored some new trekking spot – which was first time for us. And every time we conquered a new place, there’s a feeling of bliss.

Minor things can become moments of great revelation when encountered for the first time. and so this blog is special to me, obviously because it’s again something I’m trying to do for the first time … and with most of my thoughts and ideas bottled up within and is soon to become manifest. It should.

All that I can say is now I’m charged up. More ideas in my next posts.



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